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(Amseen-Q3) FAQ

1. Compatibility and Requirements

Compatibility and Requirements

This camera is ideal for scenarios requiring a panoramic view in multiple directions at home. A battery is contained in the product.


* Note: The battery life varies depending on usage. Due to the different use scenarios of the camera, the specific endurance shall be subject to the actual situation.


The user may use a solar panel connected through a power wire to the camera for uninterrupted power charging.


Requirements: that
Anuploadspeed of 2Mbps or higher.
Android 5.0+ or iOS 10+

1.1- How to download the APP?

Scan the QR code below or search for  “SafeNest” app in App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and download it.

2. Account and Password

2.1- How to select a country for login and registration?

Select the country/region according to your device location to register and log in to protect your experience.

2.2- Is multi-login allowed for the same account?

Multi-terminal login is allowed, maximum support 3 different phone devices (Android or iOS) login from three different places (same region).

2.3- How do find the device serial number in SafeNest App?

You can view the device serial number in "Settings - Device Info - SN".

2.4- What should I do if I forget my password?

1.You can click the Forgot Password button at the bottom of the login page.


2.Enter the email address you used to register your account on the reset password page, and click Submit.


3.Then, you will receive an email from SafeNest, please click the "Reset Password" button in the email.


4.Enter a new password and reset it successfully. You can return to SafeNest app to log in again.

2.5- How to delete your SafeNest account?

We are very sorry that the SafeNest device cannot bring you a good experience.


You need to unbind the device first, and then delete your SafeNest account in "Left Menu Bar - Account Management - Delete Account".


Note: Your account will be deleted from the SafeNest system and you will not be able to log in to the app and use all of its functions.

3. Firmware Upgrade Notes

3.1- Firmware Upgrade Notes

Firmware update refers to an update of the software system running in the camera.

It is set as automatic update by default, but the user may also manually check for updates in “Settings- Firmware Upgrade” .


1. Please wait patiently for a few minutes to download the installation package
2. Makesurethat the power bank connected to the camera can work normally and the system runs normally while the upgrade package is being installed
3. Toensurethe using experience and the stability of APP function, please update to the Firmware to the latest version.

4. Network Issues

4.1- How to configure the network for a camera?

1. Follow the guide on APP, go to the device adding process first, and select  “+” Use a smartphone to scan the QR code behind the camera with the code reading function on the APP


2.Manual start of the camera: Long press the Power button at the bottom of the camera for 5 seconds until  “Hello SafeNest” is heard and the blue light is on.


3.Long press the Reset button at the bottom of the camera 5s until the blue light flashes and a prompt sound is heard, and then the camera waits for network configuration.


4.Allow the app to turn on the Bluetooth on the phone


5. Select a WIFI and put in password.


6.Put the smartphone screen about 10-15cm from the camera lens, and you may hear a “Beep” sound and a voice reminder. The network connection succeeds when a voice reminder of a successful connection is heard.


7.Begin to customize the camera (assign a name, select a work mode, etc.)

4.2- Why does the network configuration always fail?

1. Ensurethatthe camera is in a pairing status before network configuration (long press the RESET button for 5 seconds, and the blue light flickers)
2. Confirmthatthe router can be connected to the network normally (the phone in the same network can access the Internet)
3.Check whether the distance from the router is appropriate.


*Note: If your problem cannot be solved by the above steps, please contact our customer service team by the following path:

◦  The portal to online customer service is located in the operation column below the device list

◦  App main page>Online Support

◦  Send an email to support@SafeNestlife.com

4.3- What should I do in case of camera disconnection?

1. The camera runs out of power
Check whether the camera runs out of power and if so, charge it as soon as possible 

2. The camera is turned off
Long press the POWER button for 5 seconds to start the camera

3. The camera is too far away from the router
Check the distance between the router and the camera, and keep it as short as possible. Then,
find the camera on SafeNest APP, and click Settings - Installation Guide - Detect Signal Intensity 

4. The camera is faulty
Inspect whether the camera is faulty and if so, please contact our after-sales personnel for repair.

4.4- What should I do if the network is bad and the live video gets stuck?

You can improve/reduce the display quality in  “Settings-Video Audio-Video Resolution-Smooth Mode” .

4.5- What should I do if the camera cannot be used after the Wi-Fi name or password has been changed?

You can follow the steps specified on the page to reconnect in  “Settings-Reconnect Wi-Fi” .

4.6- Is a network reconfiguration required in case of camera restart after the successful initial network configuration?

No, it is not required. At a normal Wi-Fi status, the camera can be used as usual after restarting.

5. Notification

5.1- Why can’t I receive any event notification?

1. Firstofall, confirm that Whether to Receive Message Push is enabled and the Do Not Disturb function is disabled in  “Settings-Message Reminder”;
2. Then, allowremindingin  “Phone - Settings - Message Reminder - Whether to Allow SafeNest APP to send message reminder”;
3. Finally,confirm whether the smart phone disables the  “Do Not Disturb Mode” .

5.2- What should I do if I receive too much misinformation?

1.You can reduce the sensitivity in "Settings - Detection Area - Detection Sensitivity" according to the surrounding environment of the home to avoid too much misinformation.

2.You can select the smart notification mode in  "Settings-Message Reminder-Message-Notification Mode", and disable the undesired message types in Message Notification Type.

3. You can select to turn on the Snooze function to disable the notifications from your camera during your selected period.the Snooze icon is a moon at the App main page.

5.3- What should I do if I receive too few event notifications?

1.You can increase the sensitivity in "Settings - Detection Area - Detection Sensitivity" according to the surrounding environment of the home to receive more event notifications.


2.You can view the message notification mode in "Settings-Message Reminder", and if you are in smart notification mode, you can enable all message notification types.


3. If you turned on the Snooze mode, then during your setting period you won’t be receive any notifications, check your Snooze mode status on your App main page.

5.4- What should I do if I don’t want to receive a message push?

You may choose either of the following two methods:

1. You can set  “Do Not Disturb-Select Duration” . After successful setting, mobile detection will record without pushing messages. (Recommended)


2. You can disable the push of all messages in  “Settings-Message Reminder-Whether to enable message push-Disable” .


3. If you want to reject a certain type of message push, you can select the smart notification mode in "Settings-Message Reminder-Message Notification Mode”, and disable the undesired message types in Message Notification Type.

5.5- What should I do if the event notification is not timely?


You can switch to the fast notification mode in "Settings - Message Reminder".

5.6- How many message notification modes are there? How to switch?


The message notification mode is divided into fast notification mode and smart.
notification mode.


Fast notification mode:
When an event is detected, a message notification is sent immediately.
There is no event-type analysis when the notification is sent, and more event information can be viewed in the event playback
It is suitable for users who need to know the situation before the door quickly= Smart


notification mode:
Send a message notification immediately after the event recording is complete
Perform AI intelligent algorithm analysis on complete events and push more accurate event types


It is suitable for users who want accurate information
You can switch the message notification mode in "Settings - Message Reminder".

6. APP Use

6.1- How to check the current app version of SafeNest?

1.Click on the menu bar in the upper left corner of the SafeNest app

2.Click  “About”

3.The APP software version can be found


If you need to update the app version, please download it from Apple Store or Google Play.

6.2- How to check the camera model?

You can check the device model in "Settings - About Device.

6.3- How to change the camera name?

You can change your camera’s name in  “Settings-Device Name-Click Change-Save”.

6.4- How to achieve the interphone volume adjustment of a camera?

You can achieve the interphone volume adjustment in  “Settings - Video/Audio - Camera Sound Volume”.

6.5- Whether the voice change feature is supported by the live video call?

Supported. You can click the Tone button at the bottom of the page when watching the real-time video. The Tone button will change your voice into middle aged man immediately. After click this button, you can speak lively in a voice like a middle-aged man.

6.6- Why is the video playback silent?
  1. Makesurethat the voice button at the right bottom of the playback video is turned on.
  2. If the video is still silent after the sound button is enabled, it is likely that the microphone isnotenabled when recording the video.

You can enable it in  “Settings-Privacy Settings-Enable Microphone for Playback”, and now the sound may be recorded together with the videos.

6.7- Why can’t any sound be heard when I am watching the real-time video?

On the real-time video interface, turn on the sound volume button to play the sound; the sound volume can be controlled by making adjustments on the mobile phone.

6.8- How to record while watching the real-time video?

You can click the record button below the video to record when watching the real-time video. After recording, the video will be saved to the phone album.

6.9- What should I do if the real-time video is not clear?

You can improve the resolution of live videos in  “Settings-Video Audio-Video Resolution-2K Mode”.

6.10- What should I do if the night vision is not good?

1.You can improve the night vision in  “Settings - Video Audio - Night Vision Mode - Auto Change according to Light Environment”.


2.You can click the flashlight button on the bottom of the page while watching the real-time video, so as to enable the lighting function.

6.11- How to select a night vision mode?

There are two-night vision modes: automatic switch according to the light environment and white light-assisted lighting.


The automatic switch according to the light environment: fit for a scenario without ambient lighting (and undesirable to turn on the white light frequently) When this mode is enabled, it will be displayed in black and white without a light source, and the infrared light will be turned on    when the mobile detection is triggered, so as to enhance the night vision effect.


White light-assisted lighting: fit for a scenario with another always-on light source. After this mode is enabled, it will be a colorful display, and the white light will be turned on when the mobile detection is triggered, so as to fill the light.

6.12- How to use the Snooze function?


Turn on Snooze function, you will not receive push notifications.


Steps for activation:

1.Click the Snooze button (the icon is a moon)

2.Set Snooze duration

3.Save settings (if you need to turn off this function, please click end sleep).

6.13- How to set the privacy area?

You can edit the privacy area in "Settings - Privacy Settings - Privacy Area Settings". After editing, the area is blocked and cannot be viewed when you watch the real-time video to protect the privacy of neighbors.

6.14- How to select a recording mode?

There are two recording modes: low power mode and smart detection mode.


Low power mode: The camera can smartly judge the event detection interval and reduce the repeated capture of the same person in a short period, thus slowing the battery power consumption. A single event recording will be 20 seconds under this mode.


Smart detection mode: The camera will ensure the complete recording of detected events, without any omission. A single event recording will be 60 seconds under this mode.


You can select an appropriate recording mode in “Settings-Power Management” .

6.15- Can the camera be controlled by a third-party device?

The equipment can be controlled through Amazon Echo/Google Home speakers after you bind your App account with the Amazon/Google account.

6.16- How to share a camera with other users?

You can share a camera with other users in  “Settings-Share Device-Enter Email Address of Shared User-Send” .